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Tattoo Training Course 1 to 1




4 Weeks

About the Course

The tattoo courses we hold at Cristian Art Stefan Academy is designed for any individual over the age of 18 who is searching to begin his career as a professional tattoo artist.


Our goal for the tattoo courses is to provide to all of our students with a clear insight into the world of tattooing, giving them the chance to have some first-hand journey in order to begin their career within the tattoo industry.


The 20-day 1-to-1 intensive tattoo course is broken up into four weeks from Monday to Friday, starting at 10 am and finishing at 5 pm, with a one-hour lunch break.


We can guarantee you that after 4 weeks of intensive 1-to-1 tattoo courses at Cristian Art Stefan Academy, each and every student will build the skill, trust, and knowledge that they need in order to start their career in a professional tattoo studio.

We also provide guidance and support after completing the course to help you start your own studio.


The students will be required to study and take notes during the first part of the course regarding the theory side of the industry in order to pass the theory exam. 


You will then study the practical side of the industry, where all the students have to pay attention and practice all the tips and tricks to develop tattooing skills in order to pass the practical exam.


The practical exam will be on the last day of your course, performed in a high-standard tattoo and piercing studio overlooked by professional tattooists.


In order to pass the practical exam, you have to successfully complete a tattoo design on a live model.

Week 1 Theory side of the tattoo Industry

  • Tattoo hygiene

  • Tattoo machines

  • Needles, tubes and tips

  • Skin preparation

  • The tattoo procedure

  • Infections causes and spread

  • Infection prevention and control

  • Health conditions, consent forms and aftercare

  • Hand hygiene, personal protective equipment

  • Cross contamination

  • Cleaning, decontamination and sterilisation

  • Safe handling, storage and Disposal of waste

  • Control of substances hazardous to health

  • Biohazard waste

  • Age limits and consent

  • Procedure’s

  • Health and safety at work

  • Arrangements for Licensing and registration

  • Cross contamination

  • Theory Exam

Week 2-4 Practical side of the Industry

  • Drawing tasks

  • Creating a design to tattoo

  • Allocating the design to the desired area of the body

  • Stencil prep on fake skin

  • Sterilisation of the area of tattoo area

  • Practice on synthetic skin

  • Client handling

  • Consent forms and aftercare

  • Work station cleaning procedure

  • Work station setup

  • Machine set up

  • Lining and shading techniques

  • Inks and pigments

  • Suppliers

  • Solutions creams and supplies

  • Preparing live model for tattooing

  • Practical test, tattooing a live model (friend, relative, student)

Tips on how to :

Dealing with stressful situations

Become a confident artist

Dealing with the client

Troubleshoot Side effects

Your Instructor

Cristian A Stefan

From realistic portraits to traditional tattoos, I'm more than happy to assist each and every student in order to develop their own style as a professional tattoo artist in this industry.

With more than 10 years experience in this industry, my main goal is to bring your tattooing skill to life and create the best tattoo artists in Uk.

Cristian A Stefan
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