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Body Piercing Course




2 Days

About the Course

What you will cover:

Day 1 Theory

1. Infections causes and spread

2. Infection prevention and control

3. Health conditions, consent forms and aftercare

4. Hand hygiene, personal protective equipment

5. Cleaning, disinfections and sterilisation

6. Safe handling, storage and Disposal of waste

7. Control of hazardous to health

8. Age limits and consent

9. Procedure’s

10. Health and safety at work

11. Arrangements for Licensing and registration

Day 2 Practice

1. Jewellery types and uses

2. Tools

3. Supplies and products

4. Client handling

5. Consent forms and aftercare

4. Work station setup

5. Work station cleaning procedure

6. Dealing with stressful situations

7. Troubleshoot Side effects

Your Instructor

Monika Dudek

The art of body piercing and modification has always been mine fascination.
The art of placement, the science of the body, the psychology of keeping somebody calm right before you pierce them, and the experience I share with every client. I love all of it.
My goal is for every one of my clients to be as comfortable as possible while I work with them and to leave completely satisfied.
Some people call it OCD, some call it perfection. Some call it cocky, and some call it confidence.
I’m good at what I do and I love it!

Monika Dudek
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